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Syzygium aqueum
(Water Apple / Water Cherry)
Other Names: Watery Rose Apple, Jambu Air, Chomphupa, Chambakka

<center><i>Syzygium aqueum</i> makes 1-inch fruits by the thousands.</center><br>
<center>Water apple has a smaller, brighter, shinier than Wax Jambu, with which it is often confused.</center><br>
Related To: [Myrtaceae] Wax Jambu, Malay Apple, Cloves

Main Uses: Fruit, Ornamental

Growth Rate: Moderate to Fast.

Mature Height/Spread: To 30' but may be kept smaller.

Flowering/Pollination: Cauliflorous; self-fertile.

Tolerance: Intolerant of drought and salt.

Soil/Nutrition: Requires a constantly moist, fertile soil. Not as widely adaptable as the Malay Apple or the Wax Jambu. It requires heavy consistent rainfall, and does not appreciate dry soils.

Light: Full sun.

Wind: Strong wood; sturdy tree.

Temperature: This tree is a tropical species and does not fare well in the warm subtropics. Temperatures in the 30's for prolonged periods will kill it to the ground, as will a frost event.

Dangers: None.

Diseases Prone:

Bearing Age: 3 years from seed, sooner from graft. Once it reaches bearing age, in truly tropical areas it can bear 2-4 crops a year.

Fruit: Pink or white fruits are about 1" wide, bell-shaped, and occur by the thousands on a healthy tree. The fruits are very bright and shiny. The flesh can be white or pink, dry or juicy, crisp or spongy. Most of the fruits are seedless.

History/Origin: The water apple is native from southern India to eastern Malaysia. It is commonly found in India, southeastern Asia, and Indonesia, and in the Philippines. There is also a type that is endemic to Australia. This species is not as widely distributed as it's close relative and look-alike, the Wax Jambu (syzygium samarengense).

Species Observations: This species is often confused with another member of this genus, the Wax Jambu (Syzygium aquem). The Water Apple (Syzygium aqueum) is very similar in shape to the Wax Jambu (Syzygium samarengense), but the fruit itself is smaller and flatter. Water apple (S. aqueum) is basically a small Wax Jambu, with a sweet/tart flavor.

Propogation: By seeds, air layer, cuttings, and grafting.

Container Culture: Possible, but not ideal.

Medicinal Uses:

Nutritional Information: All "bell fruits" (Water Apple, Wax Jambu, Malay Apple, Rose Apple) are an excellent source of soluble fiber.

Preparation / Food: Fruits are eaten fresh, often chilled with a pinch of salt. The light-flavored leaves of this species are also edible and used for wrapping various foods.

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